Silver VS Gold?

Silver’s price has closely followed that of gold in the recent bull run of the yellow metal. The role of silver as the precious metal has sometimes eclipsed any price negative news which affects many of the industrial commodities, the sector responsible for most of the silver demand. 

Silver benefits from the rising prices of gold largely since investors, whether in physical or paper markets, consider this as a good leveraged play on gold. Silver provides exposure to the ever increasing clamor for safe haven assets at a more affordable price, which earned it the moniker, poor man’s gold. 

Obviously, going for Toronto alternate for silver instead of gold comes with some risks, specifically since this white metal is not totally a precious metal. The price movements of silver tend to be greatly affected by unfavorable or favorable market sentiments about the industrial sector’s health, which make the silver market extremely volatile and prone to remarkable price swings. As they say, it is not referred to as the devil’s metal for no reason. 

Experts say that silver shows its two faces which work against one another in the recent environment. This is said to be a precious metal that comes with monetary overtones and at the same time, this is an industrial metal as well, two faces which control its investment parameters. 

Would Silver Be Worth the Risks?

Despite all the risks associated with it, most investors still find silver as an attractive investment since this has the potential to offer greater returns on investment. The ROI for silver may surpass gold exponentially based on the price movements in the past few years. As a matter of fact, from the 31st of August 2010, the silver’s price gained 115% compared to 47% for gold. This only means that 100 ounces of gold you purchased last year for an amount of $124,770 will make you $57,750 if you sold this a year later. But, you might have put that $124K on silver as this will make you $143K for an overall ROI of 147% more than your return on gold.

Analysts also expect that gold prices will reach higher and silver will continue to outperform gold. They also said that once you look at the gold VS silver, you will feel that the prices of silver will enjoy more gains for the next coming year. That is the reason why gold isn’t an ideal alternative to silver.

The strong demand of silver from the Asian markets is a big factor in this growth with import levels that reach record highs. The allure of silver as a cheap alternative to gold is attractive to the middle class in India and China and those who used gold as a wealth now find this much costly at the prices today.

The growth of demand in this region is expected to grow another 30% this year. Physical silver bars will gain more momentum because of Asian, especially Chinese investors prefer physical instead of futures-based holdings when it comes to precious markets.

The potential greater returns and cheaper cost of silver will also lead investors to exchange gold for silver.

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